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Hope is a beautiful Percheron/spotted draft mare. She is kind with an adorable curious personality.She loves when the children brush her and braid her mane.She is fun to ride and makes you feel good just by being with her.



Holly Berry


Holly Berry is our lovely haflinger pony mare who has taught many children how to ride and care for horses.She loves all the attention and treats the children give her and looks forward to seeing them everyday

Big Joe


Big Joe is a gentle giant of a horse and a Clydesdale. He not only gives great rides to children but drops his head down for hugs when they are done. His kind and gentle manner has brought love and joy to all of the children

Joe is in the middle!

Joe is in the middle!



Rita is a beautiful American warmblood she is talented, sweet and loving. Her gentle manner has given children an inner sense of peace and warmth. They love riding her and she loves their hugs and smiles

Rita on the right!

Rita on the right!

Rita on the left!

Rita on the left!

Welcome to Amelia our beautiful gypsy banner she is cherished and loved by all the children who love brushing braiding and riding her



Meet Callie this beautiful girl brings smiles and warm hearts to all the children that meet her




Honey bun takes care of all the children that ride her. Her loving and kind nature attracts the children and makes them feel safe. 

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